Direct Pipe Services

Single-Pass Pipeline Installation with Direct Pipe®

Direct Pipe® is an innovative technology that combines the benefits of micro tunneling and HDD techniques. This method allows for simultaneous borehole excavation and pipe installation in one step. Direct Pipe® can be applied to nearly any ground condition.


Small footprint – both physically and environmentally

Highly accurate guidance of the pipeline through curves as well as upward and downward slopes

Simultaneous borehole excavation and pipeline insertion

No shaft construction required

The product pipeline is welded, inspected and positioned on rollers on the launch side. A micro-tunneling machine is installed on the leading end of the pipe string. The Pipe Thruster is set up at the launch pit and acts as a driving unit by clamping the outside of pipeline and installing the entire pipe string into the ground.

Suitable for hard to drill soil layers, such as gravel.

No risk for instable drilling tunnel.

Zero chance of blow-out.

The TBM can drill through many kinds of obstacles without getting stuck.

No damage occurring to the external coating on the product pipe.

A large operating area is only required on one side.

Savings on deep sheet pile barrels.

Easy access to large depths.

A tray well is usually not required.

Short drilling strands in case of limited space.