Oil & Gas Field Logistic – Procurements – Supplying

PDL is an integrated supplier specializing in businesses related to the oil and natural gas industries.

It constantly strives to provide the excellent products and best service to achieve customers’ satisfaction.

PDL Supplying to Clients and Customers

  • Drilling Rigs
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Oil – Gas Line Pipe
  • Welding Joint Coating
  • Solid Control Equipment
  • Drilling Fluid Materials
  • Power Tong
  • Handling Tools
  • HP Control Equipment
  • Wellhead Equipment
  • Accessories
  • Drilling Parts
  • Drill String
  • Power Engine
  • Downhole Tools

PDL Providing to Clients and Customers

  • Custom Clearance
  • Road – Rail & Air Transportation & Chartering.
  • Supply Marine Vessel – Tag Boat – Crane & Winch Barge Hiring
  • Land & Jack up Drilling Rig-Unit Refurbishment and Up grading
  • Land and Jack up Drilling Rig Moving and Towing

The objective of PDL procurement services is to offer our knowledge, purchasing capacity and logistics expertise to our clients. In doing so we can drive cost savings for our clients that originates from PDL supplying to multiple major projects in the region.

PDL main focus in Procurement & Logistic is to get our clients:

What they need

Where they need it

When they need it

The Procurement Department supports our Clients by purchasing quality goods and services at competitive prices, promoting supply chain diversification, exercising proper financial stewardship for

Freight transportation, warehousing and distribution, supply chain solutions – we cover it all.

Great communication, reliability, quick response, and reasonable pricing by PDL have helped us create a more trusting relationship with our customers. We have gone above and beyond many times to get the job done and that shows our dedication to our customers.

More effective management of logistics can deliver significant benefits for customers, including increased operational efficiently, improved cash flow from tightly scheduled supply, shorter lead times, reduced storage space and costs, and better quality assurance.

PDL highly flexible storage and delivery capability can be tailored to meet each customer’s requirements in terms of operational and cost efficiency. However we can also use our expertise in logistics and supply chain management to advise customers on ways to improve their own logistics management.